Real/Business Personal Property Appeal

Between May 1 and June 8, per C.R.S. §39-5-122(1), you may appeal your real property value.

Between June 15 and June 30, per C.R.S. §39-5-122(1), §39-5-122(4), §39-6-111.5, §39-7-102.5, you may appeal your business personal property and/or oil and gas value.

To appeal the value of your property online, please have the following information available prior to beginning your appeal:

  • Owner Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Account/Schedule Number (found on Notice of Valuation)
  • Reason for Appeal
  • Supporting Documentation in an electronic format to be attached
  • Agent Authorization in an electronic format to be attached (This is required if you are acting as an agent and you are appealing an account that is not under your name as ownership)

Once you have the required documentation, you can begin the appeal process by entering your email address below. Upon submission of your appeal, you will receive an email confirmation that your appeal has been received.

Weld County Assessors Office
(970) 400-3650

Email Address: