Weld County Assessor's Office Ownership Listings

The result of your ownership listing constitutes a certified copy of the current Real Property ownership information listed in the Weld County Assessor's database as of the date of the report. The results will be available for download. The report does not replace the "Affidavit of Interested Land Owners Report" (500 foot radius), which is located on the Property Portal.

Ownership Listing By Taxing Authority -

Record sets containing a large number of accounts take a few minutes to complete, please be patient.

Ownership Listing By Taxing Authority

Ownership Listing By Section/Township/Range - Select from each column and click button to create Property Ownership Listing or Mineral Ownership Listing.

You may select multiple sections by holding down the "SHIFT" or "CTRL" keys on your keyboard. (Warning: Multiple sections in high population areas will take time to process.

Ownership Listing By Section/Township/Range